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The Orleans Surf Film Festival is an annual gathering that celebrtates the stoke that comes with a boardsports lifestyle, whether you plan your day around the tides or you're just dipping your toes in. Each night of the festival is anchored by a feature length, national-release film but most of our movies are 'shorts' that have made their way to us from the Cape, New England, and beyond. In the past we've found these films by word of mouth or by trolling the internet. This year we'd like them to find us...we are excited to add a contest for filmmakers who showcase northeast wave sliding and board riding of all varieties. We are still working out the details, but the concept ain't too tricky: you shoot, you edit, we watch, we show at the festival, crowd cheers, you win. Something like that.




Q: I don't live on Cape Cod. Can anyone enter a film?

Yes! Our priority is to celebrate New England surf life but we have screened films from all over the world. We'd be psyched to see yours.

Q: I made an awesome film about knitting. Can I submit it?

Yes...but we won't show it at the festival. I am allergic to wool and just the sight of yarn gives me hives. Sorry. 

Q: Will all entries be shown during the film fest?

The official festival runs for two nights, limiting the number of films we can screen. Our selection panel will narrow entries down and create a schedule for both nights which may or may not include your film.

Q: So how does this "selection panel" decide what films to show?

We utilize a complex, proprietary algorithm that calculates awesomeness using multiple variables: stoke, story, vibe, videography, and more.

Q: My film is way better than every other surf film ever. What will I win?

Our prizes change year to year but have included surfboards, wetsuits, handplanes, clothing, and amazing bags of surf swag. We work hard to find good prizes. We also have the best, hand-crafted trophies for our winners.

Q: My film is a 3 hour 40 min epic about one man's quest to apply the Bernouli Principle to the hydro-dynamics of double concave thrusters using biaxial rotation side fins. Can I submit it?

Wow. Congrats on that, I think. Can you edit it down to the Cliff Notes version? Our films usually fall into two categories: 3-10 minute shorts and 45-60 minute features.


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